Electronic – Attaching electronics to a spinning surface without a battery


I am working with a friend to develop a spinning disk with LED lights on it.

The issue we are having is wrapping our minds around the idea of electronics on a surface that is spinning.

How do we interface with the LED lights without cords getting tangled around the spinning rod?

Is there a way to provide power to electronics on a spinning disk without having the battery directly on the disk?

Does this make sense?


Best Answer

The lowest tech, probably easiest method - Use brushes, just like for a motor. On the rotating part, you'd have the equivalent of slip rings, although the orientation would be flat rather than axial. The power thus obtained on the rotating part might have a bit of high frequency noise in it from the sliding contacts, so you'd want to be sure to get some filter caps on involved, probably near to where the power comes onto the board.