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I've read an appnote from TI (slaa338) that describes a technique for generating "for real" (as opposed to "pseudo") random numbers. It exploits the somewhat exotic clock subsystem of the MSP430 to achieve this goal. Does anyone know of a technique that can be implemented on an AVR (I'm interested in the XMega's in particular) for generating "for real" random numbers?

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How bad do you to use the XMega? If the crypto and random number generation are a big part of your project, Atmel's SecureAVR series has a hardware random number built in, and is designed for cryptographic applications.

Regardless, I doubt that you'll find a random seed source that has a good distribution. You'll want to run it through a pseudo random number generator a few times As long as you start with a different seed every time, this will give you a nice set of random numbers. An LGC is a quick and easy pseudo random generator:

static unsigned long Seed; 

/* Call before first use of NextVal */
unsigned long InitSeed()
   //Your code for random seed here

   // Correct distribution errors in seed
   return NextVal();

 /* Linear Congruential Generator 
  * Constants from  
  * "Numerical Recipes in C" 
  * by way of 
   * <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linear_congruential_generator#LCGs_in_common_use>
   * Note: Secure implementations may want to get uncommon/new LCG values
unsigned long NextVal()
  return Seed;