Electronic – Batteries in series with different amp-hour ratings.


I have a 1.5 amp-hour, 12 V battery and I have a 10 amp-hour 12 V battery. I know the voltage will increase to 24 V when they are put in series, but I don't know what goes on amp-hour wise.

Does the new amp-hour rating take the amp hour of the low amp hour rating, does it take the 10 amp hours or is it like an average?

Best Answer

It is bad practice to connect batteries in series when they don't have the same capacity. The battery with the smaller capacity will be empty before the larger one, resulting in a lower voltage for the smaller battery. At that point things will start to get interesting as the larger battery will start to charge the smaller one through the connected circuit and with reversed voltage. The cell is not designed for being reversed and charged and bad things may happen a.o.: leaking acid and exploding. Neither of these situations are desirable. This is also the reason why most manuals of battery operated devices urge to replace all batteries at the same time.

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