Electronic – Can anyone explain this balanced driver circuit to me

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I'm looking to generate a differential signal to control a laser projector's galvos, and as I understand it needs to be +5V/-5V (10Vpp). I've found this circuit for a laser harp, but I'm confused about what this specific dual-opamp design does. It looks as if it's a pair of inverting and non-inverting amplifiers with a gain of 1, but they're being fed into each other. Here's a picture:

enter image description here

The original can be found here.

I'm curious if anyone could tell me what it's called, or how it works, because I've lookat at plenty of 'example circuits' and couldn't find anything that resembles it.

Best Answer

The easyest way should be to ask me directly through my laserharp website ;) i'm the designer of this schematic. It's an output stage with a balanced/unbalanced output driver. if not used as balanced, you must connect the negative output to the ground to get full unbalanced signal. It's explained in the user manual of the laser harp. "ILDA wiring"