Electronic – Can this gyrator handle high current and/or high voltage


Since I first got introduce to the Antoniou Inductor while in university, I've always been amazed at it. I've never built or used one, but I am thinking about using it to simulate an inductor for a future project.

Below is an image of the Anoniou Inductor.

enter image description here

My circuit will be pretty simple, as shown in the image below.


simulate this circuit – Schematic created using CircuitLab

My source will either be a fixed frequency +/- 30V square wave or a fixed frequency +/-1A square wave.

Question: Can I use this circuit with the given source voltage/current ?

I think it might be ok, if my opamp rails are high enough, and the passives between opamps are rated appropriately.

Best Answer

Yes - in principle it should work. "In principle" means that ALL components must be rated appropriately (all resistors including R1, capacitor, power opamp?). In addition, please note that Antonious GIC circuit simulates a grounded inductor only (assuming that the opamps are powered with reference to the same ground).