Electronic – Coils! Does the material used matter


I've been making some coils with wires and I find out that sometimes they work and sometimes they don't work at all, the inside of those that don't work are some what more "silver-ish", more "metal-ish" like iron. While the coils that do work do look more thin like copper. Does the conductive material used for the coil matter? (If it does I'm -greatly- interested in why)

Best Answer

The core is very important in making a successful inductor, as a good core massively increases permeability (the ability for magnetic currents to flow effectively in the core - a lot like inverse electrical resistance (conductance.)) However, adding a core introduces a saturation characteristic; if the current approaches or exceeds the saturation point, the core will loose permeability and the inductor behaves more like a piece of wire.

The actual wire is less important. Generally low resistance and high temperature resistance are desirable factors. Copper is good.