Electronic – “Collector-Emitter Sustaining Voltage”


In many transistor datasheets, there is a \$V_{CEO(sus)}\$ specification, what's the meaning of it? Can someone give some explanation or a link is just OK.

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This document entitled "Electrical Ratings and Characteristics of Power Semiconductor Switching Devices" contains probably the best picture of this fairly obscure-to-most-engineers phenomena: -

enter image description here

Basically it's to do the the collector emitter breakdown voltage with the base open circuit (it's most vulnerable). The graph above shows 5 scenarios of the base bias ranging from open circuit to heavily reverse biased. Any BJT will behave like this. Note the red box along the voltage axis is the value of \$V_{CEO(SUS)}\$. It's also known as V(BR)ceo in other data sheets or BVceo in the graph below: -

enter image description here