Electronic – Component selection – difference between 4027 and 4027N flip flops


I am building a simple circuit that will use a J-K flip flop to enable me to use a momentary switch as a toggle.

enter image description here

The circuit diagram states that a 4027N should be used.

My local supplier has a 4027 in stock.

This is a really basic question I'm sure, but is this the same thing? What does that trailing N in the name mean?

Best Answer

The alternative will be fine.

The trailing letters tend to be manufacturer specific, usually identifying the package (e.g. SOIC, DIP, etc.) or other properties like being lead free, or industrial/automotive/military temperature ranges, etc.

An example is the NXP version of the 4027. They have two:

  • HEF4027BP
  • HEF4027BT

For them, the 'P' one is the DIP package and the 'T' one is the SOIC package. But according to one of their other datasheets (granted for a different part), they use 'N' to signify a DIP package in America. This is probably where the 'N' comes from in that schematic.