Electronic – Composition of sticky gel in Film Capacitors


Bit of a long shot here, maybe someone knows what the sticky clear gel might be inside common dual film can capacitors (motor run). I'm specifically looking for an MSDS.

This particular one was about the size of a soda can (dual 5uF/40uF 440VAC).

enter image description here

It is definitely not silicone grease- far more sticky and stringy (like hot glue when it is liquid) and has a slight odor. The closest thing we've seen is icky-pick used in telecom equipment. I have asked the manufacturer (American Radionics) but no answer as of yet.

Best Answer

It's capacitor gel. Electrolyte. Here are typical capacitor safety sheets:



Note the ingrediants: Boric Acid/Ammonia, and Tetraethyl-Ammonium-Tetrafluoroborate/Acetonitrile.

There is no way of guessing what the electrolyte in a capacitor contained. You have to find out what the manufacturer was using at that time.