Electronic – Confusing ratings of maximum current sunk/sourced by a pin in PIC24E datasheet


I started a new design based on a PIC24EP256GP202. I was interested in finding how much current can a single pin sink/source, but the datasheet looks a bit confusing to me:

The Absolute Maximum Ratings:

enter image description here

Is the current sink/source capability of a pin 3.5 mA (= 15 mA / 4) or 3.125 mA (= 25 mA / 8)?

Best Answer

This might help: -

enter image description here

It basically shows where your figures come from graphically. I'd go by these numbers and note the absolute max rating line dotted across the centre of each graph.

Note that some pins are called x4 and some pins are called x8 capability. Those with x8 are twice as good at driving compared to x4 pins.