Electronic – Connect bus wires to various ports of a channelized subsheet


I have an 8-line bus chselect[7..0].
I also have a 4x repeated subsheet, each of which has two inputs CSAb and CSBb.
Denote these inputs as CSAb_0, CSBb_0, CSAb_1, CSBb_1,...,CSBb_3 where the number after the underscore indicates which instance the instance of the repeated subsheet.

I want to connect the bus like this:

chselect[0] --> CSAb_0
chselect[1] --> CSBb_0

chselect[2] --> CSAb_1
chselect[3] --> CSBb_1

chselect[4] --> CSAb_2
chselect[5] --> CSBb_2

chselect[6] --> CSAb_3
chselect[7] --> CSBb_3

Here's my attempt in Altium

enter image description here

Is this correct and/or in line with best practice?

I have also asked this on the Altium forum.

Best Answer

An approach that works:

Inside digital_interface.SchDoc, group the pins as shown in Figure 1.

enter image description here Figure 1: Digital pins grouped into two busses. Each bus will be connected to one input of the channelized block.

Then, in the top level sheet, just use standard channelization as shown in Figure 2.

enter image description here Figure 2: The CSAb and CSBb busses are channelized in the usual way.

This isn't as elegant as I'd like, but it works.