Electronic – Controlling spotwelder timer with 555

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I want to use the 555 time to control the timing on the power pulse of a spot-welder using a foot switch.

I have seen a few 555 mono-stable circuits, but am having trouble finding the values of the resistors and capacitors in order to get times below 1 second.

Also, I want to connect this circuit to a spot welder in a safe way, because of power difference. My spot welder is made of a MOT, and have a pedal switch to do the switching.

How should I connect these parts together? What kind of pot/cap combo for sub 1 second timing with a 555 timer?

enter image description here

I wanted to add the image at the bottom of the page, but didn't know how.
So, i have to put over here.
Please let me know any modifications that i should do with the connections.
Also, i would like to add a POT in the 555 timer circuit in order to adjust the timing. Where should i put it?
Thank you for any help…enter image description here

Best Answer

555 MonStable

MonoStable with switch

Sorry fella, I should read it a bit clearer. I had it in my mind with the last post it was a MIG type thing with pulsed outputs...Hopefully the above will make it a bit clearer for you.