Electronic – Could I use a 2Ch 6bit LVDS cable on an LCD that uses 1Ch 6 bit LVDS


this is my first question here so I'll try to make it as clear as possible.

I've bought a T.V53.03 control board to use with an old laptop display I have at my home. After searching for the display model I found it to be an LTN133AT09 display, which uses a 1Ch 6bit LVDS cable. The problem I have is that the control board ships with a 2Ch 6 bit LVDS cable, and I was wondering if it will work out of the box with the display.

In summary, my two questions are:

  • ¿Will the LVDS cable work out of the box with my LCD?
  • ¿Can i cut out some wires of the LVDS 2Ch cable to make it compatible? Or should I buy a 1Ch cable?

Thanks in advance for the answers!

Best Answer

It's not about just cable, the board must be configured to send on signle link. If that is not possible then those two are just not compatible.