Electronic – CPU/Processor error rate in calculations


Does Intel or AMD publish specifications about the rate at what failures in calculations can be expected on their CPUs? I would suspect it would be very age and temperature dependent, but surely there must be some kind of numbers available?

I'm not interested in obvious manufacturing errors (where a whole lot is defective or something). I'm interested in spontaneous errors due to physical phenomena not related to design error. Whether the error originates in the CPU or some other chip on the system is also of interest (for example a momentary voltage failure to the processor would also result in errors).

I'm curious, but my net searching isn't yielding what I want. I just want to get rough ideas of it I left my program running for X hours how many spontaneous errors I could expect to have.

Best Answer

Look for "alpha particles". That's the main physical phenomena that is relevant.

But no, they don't publish such numbers.