Electronic – Crimp directly to PCB (or holes in PCB)


I know there are certain SMD components which can receive a Dupont male connector. I know there are ways to solder male and female connectors to a board directly.

As part of a manufacturing technique, I'm wondering if there is any way on the market to connect wires to a board, without soldering of any kind.

So you might crimp some steel piece to a wire, then that steel piece would go into a through hole in the PCB, where it is ergonomically crimped a second time.

Is there any sort of system in place for connecting wires to boards without soldering? I am looking to build a machine that can do this.

Best Answer

You did not provide any requirements, and it does not look like you've done any research.

Nevertheless, there are several options available. For example for low power you can use so called "card edge" connectors, like EdgeMate series from Molex. For high currents there are Han-Fast Lock terminals from HARTING.

But really, if you consider the cost of connectors, crimping tools and contact reliability, your best option will probably be a simple and dirt-cheap ring terminal either bolted or riveted to large circular pad on PCB.

Note, that this is not the best option in general, I would still go for good ol' screw terminal. A bit of soldering, but beats the rest in convenience and peace of mind.