Electronic – DC Motor reversing relays using a micro switch

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I'm looking to use relays and 1 micro switch to reverse the polarity of the circuit.
I will need a simple ON/OFF switch to have the motor turning in one direction and then when the micro switch is activated for it to reverse polarity and stay it to stay that way.

Best Answer

What you want is a double-pole double-throw (DPDT) switch. These can be arranged to appear as a box that has two inputs, and the outputs are the inputs but possibly flipped depending on the state of the switch. Hook up the DPDT switch like this:

Follow this circuit and see that when the switch is in the right position, as show, OUT is directly connected to IN with the same polarity. When the switch is in the left position, OUT is flipped from in.

If IN is connected to a power supply and OUT to a DC motor, then the switch sets the direction the motor is driven by the applied voltage.

This switch can just as well be the output of a DPDT mechanical relay. Energizing or not energizing the coil then controls the motor polarity. Your microswitch can drive this relay on/off, or it can be the input to a microcontroller. The micro can then perform more complicated logic and timing on the microswitch signal and drive the DPDT relay accordingly.