Electronic – Dealing with excess heat


As a sort of weird side project, I'd like to make an oven timer that has selectable food stuffs and associated timing information. Now while this device would be simple to make I would like to stick it on the oven which means it would have to deal with some significant but not ridiculous temperatures (gas oven, metal structure). Has anyone has any experience heat proofing things like HD44780 LCDs, AVRs and other delicate components or do I have to go and get hold of those military grade parts?

Best Answer

Typical ovens with electronics use a back panel to place the electronic components on. Putting an additional panel above or to the side of this panel will provide the best location. Mark has a good point though test the temp experienced at the location you plan to put the project before you start to build. Each component you use should have a rating given by the manufacture of the max heat the component should be exposed to. You may also consider using an old pc fan to place in the enclosure to aid in keeping everything cool.