Electronic – DIY ATX PSU turns off when attaching load on 12V rail

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I want to convert my old ATX power supply to a simple bench supply for 12V devices. On the label it says it's a 300W PSU where I can use 264W on the 12V rail (see image below).


Therefore I soldered all cables with the same color together and wired the green (PWR_ON) one to any ground cable.

If I plug the cable in, the PSU starts and you can hear an annoying whirring. I need to mention that the PSU does NOT turn off automatically when there is no load attached.

Then I connect (just to test) a 12V 55W car lamp to the 12V (yellow) cables and the PSU turns immediatly off (the lamp is flashing for half a second). To keep it running again, i need to remove the cable, turn the switch on/off or reconnecting the green cable with the ground.

I measured at which amps the PSU shuts down – that's roughly 50mA @ 12V.

Interestingly, it doesn't make a difference whether the 12V car lamp is attached before i connect the cable or not. Furthermore, if I attach a 5V lamp at the red wires everything works and the PSU stops whirring.

The brown 3.3V sense cable is wired to the orange 3.3V cables.

I also tried putting a 25 Ohm resistor between the red 5V and the black (GND) cables – nothing changes.

For me it seems that the 12V rail is faulty … do you have any ideas?

Here is an overview of how it looks like: https://imgur.com/DnTi61G

Best Answer

I'm getting similar results with a small 12v load in my application. I've tried more than one supply. Some shutdown, others don't. ALL are new, out of the box supplies. I'm thinking it has to do with flakey short circuit or over current protection circuitry in some power supplies.