Electronic – Does a pin jumper adds noise


When designing a PCB, is it sensible to use a pin jumper in the pathway of a small current signal (around 0.8 uA) or could there be issues with noise? I would use the jumper to select between different transimpedance amplifiers.

Best Answer

Jumpers are no more noisy than any other simple male/female connector. As long as the jumper is a nice and tight fit and there is a good electrical contact made there will be no connector noise.

The general structure of a jumper, being wide and flat, means it's not much of an antenna like a raised loop of wire would be, so it won't pick up much in the way of induced noise.

The main issues are with badly fitting jumpers. Bad electrical contacts can result in additional resistances, which themselves can generate noise, or in a worst case scenario you get a diode effect, which can not only itself corrupt your signal, but under certain conditions act like a radio receiver (aka cats whisker) picking up EM interference from the environment.

But in general with a good fitting jumper you get no more noise than say a jack plug, or a Molex KK connector, which is to say a pretty much immeasurable amount.