Subwoofer Wire – Does Cutting Covering Affect Sound Quality?


I have Sony 5.1 channel sound system. There is some cut on covering of subwoofer wire. The copper wire is not affected at all. So, I am curious to know whether it will leak the passage of sound and hence, the sound quality will be affected or not?

Is there any disadvantage of it?

Best Answer

Although I'm tempted to state there's some special effect from the insulation capacitance and characteristic impedance that only the golden-ear audiophile can hear (a stunning difference!), no there is no measurable direct effect from that bit of insulation being there or not. The insulation keeps the wire from shorting to the other wire or to ground.

You can wrap some electrical tape around the bare spot and get on with your life. Heat shrink tubing might be a bit more attractive, but the kind of insulation used for speaker wire is sometimes very low melting point so you might further damage the wire with the heat gun.

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