Electronic – Does this op-amp circuit have a name


I got asked to analyze this circuit during a past interview, and truth be told, I still don't have a good understanding on what it is and how it's intended to work.

enter image description here

I understand V+ = Vout/2 and V- is an RC circuit related to Vout.

I assume V+ and V- are meant to be differential.

I also know that the op-amp will adjust Vout to make the voltage at the inverting and non-inverting terminals the same. If you could refer me to this circuit, I'll do my own research and be on my merry way.

Best Answer

It's an opamp-comparator-based relaxation oscillator.

In a nutshell, charging source of the capacitor alternates between +VDD and –VSS, and the frequency of the cycle is determined by the R and C components:

$$ \mathrm{f = \frac{1}{2\cdot \ln(3)\cdot RC}} $$