Electronic – Drawing circuits with IC pinout diagrams


I am not sure whether this community or the tex.sx is the most appropriate for my question.

I have an assignement where I am given a boolean expression and I have to implement these expressions using a predifined list of Integrated circuits.
For example: \$ f= xy + z\$ and I have a 4071 OR IC as well as a 4081 AND IC at my disposal.

When drawing \$f\$ as a circuit diagram, I want to use the IC pinout configuration diagrams (like the ones on the image below) and show all the external connections from each pin. That way, I am confident that my approach is clear.

pin diagram

The problem is that I don't know which software allows to draw circuits along with IC pinout configuration diagrams. Or, is there a latex package somewhere that can deal with this? I will mostly use the 4000 CMOS series so I only need that range of diagrams.

Best Answer

I would advise you not to use the IC pin layouts as drawn above for use in your schematics. Using them means that you have to draw the wires such that it will fit the IC layout. That means more wires and more wires crossing eachother. That will not help in understanding how the circuit works which is the main purpose of a schematic.

Instead I strongly advise you either not include the pin numbering of the ICs at all, or add only the pin numbers (not the IC pinout), like so:

enter image description here

Note how there is a number printed at each pin of a symbol which represents a circuit in an IC, that number is the pin number.

Example is borrowed from this site

If there's some empty space left you could consider adding the pinouts separately so not connected to the main schematic but purely as a drawing.