EagleCAD – How to Attach a Pin Not Shown on Schematic Symbol?


In Eagle, I would like to include SN74HC595 shift registers in my project. I found a library online a few months ago (can't find source anymore) that has this part.

The symbol looks like this:

enter image description here

However, I noticed the symbol does not have power and ground pins, which is contrary to all of the other devices I've seen and created before. I had no idea how I would actually connect it to the same power supply I'm using for all other components in my schematic.

So I opened up the device in the library, and it looks like this:

enter image description here

It seems there's a second symbol (on the left) that goes only to VCC and GND, and those are assigned to the relevant power and GND pads on the package.

My issue is that my power rails on my schematic are labeled '5V' and 'GND'. I've read that I can 'simply' rename the 'VCC' pin to '5V' and that it will automatically connect to any '5V' net in whatever schematic I put it in. This, however, didn't work.

I've also consulted Eagle's awful product support pages to no avail.

How do I hook this component up to my '5V' line?

[ note: GND hooks up automatically to the 'GND' net in my schematic ]

Best Answer

"Invoke" command resolves this.

enter image description here

I've got only Eagle 5.11.0 in front of me at the moment. But, this haven't changed in 6.3.0

@ScottSeidman had beat me to the answer, while I was annotating the screenshot.