Electronic – Eagle – How to make the router ignore internally connected pins (in a package)


I have made a tactile switch package and as the picture shows pin 1 and 2 are internally connected, same for pin 3 and 4.

Package and symbol

The package have 4 pads and the symbol only 2. I have connected pads 1+2 with symbol pin 1 and pads 2+4 with symbol pin 2.

enter image description here

Now, here comes the problem:
The router insists on connecting pin 1 and 2 to each other, same for pin 3 and 4. (as shown here)

enter image description here

Since these already are connected inside the package it isn't necessary to connect them on the board. In fact the router should be able to use this fact to optimize the result (as in this mock up where the yellow trace can run straight under the package).

enter image description here

How can I get the router to understand that these pins already are connected internally? In fact it can benefit from it and use them as a bridge to span over whatever traces running under the package.

Best Answer

enter image description here

In eagle 7 your problem is solved. klick on the symbol in the connect-dialog (red cyrcle), so you can change if the pins of the same signal have to be connected in the layout.