Electronic – Embedded C programming material


I am looking for some material (books/sites) related to embedded system programming in C language.
Here in the lab we have available three plataforms: one Microchip PIC18f4550, one Freescale HC12 and one ARM (Beagleboard).

We are willing to teach embedded C with the PIC, assembler with Freescale and embedded operational systems with Beagleboard. Each class will be a six month course.

Open to all advices.


Best Answer

For C programming - embedded or otherwise, you need The C Programming Language by Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie, popularly known as K&R.

I have one book on PICs, I like it: The Quintessential PICĀ® Microcontroller by Sid Katzen.

For the BeagleBoard, some background in embedded Linux will be important. Here's a good book written by a good friend: Building Embedded Linux Systems by Karim Yaghmour, Jon Masters, Gilad Ben-Yossef and Philippe Gerum.