Electronic – Embedded System LINT use


I currently develop embedded systems using a number of different compilers, the most common coming from IAR systems.

My love of hardware is what drives doing embedded systems and firmware. I however seem to lack quite a bit in software engineering.

I have read many times that a good Lint is invaluable for code. I would like to know if anyone on here uses a Lint, which Lint it is, and how much it helps in detecting errors.

Best Answer

I have used lint in the past, and I have found it useful. However, I had to stop using it as I moved onto a larger project that wasn't using it. That made it difficult to use lint, because of how interconnected the code was. The biggest problem with lint is configuring it to remove false positives and don't cares. It may be better now that they've done another release in the past year.

One company I work with has taken that large project and put it through Coverity's static analzyer. However, that's a big chunk of money to be using, so it's not recommended for small companies.