Electronic – eZ430-Chronos Development on *nix


So I just got my TI eZ430-Chronos Dev kit (a runners watch & eZ430 micro dev combined), and I am chomping at the bit to start playing around with my new toy. I have just a few issues the recommended tools from TI are Windows based, and I am lacking a valid windows OS right now. Also I brought the watch back to work, but left the programmer and AP at home. So I am left reading articles and links to wiki's, but unable to try anything out for myself.

Stuff I have read so far:

I also searched the mspgcc sf mailing-list, it had no mention of the chronos.

Has anyone been able to get mspgcc or mspgcc4 to work with the Chronos. I have searched for
information about this on the various sites, but found no answers. It should be very straight forward, but I will give it a shot later and report back if I don't hear back.

Best Answer

check out mspdebug it should get your code onto the device and do some debugging there. I also saw that someone patched mspgcc v3.2.3 to handle the cc430 in the chronos.

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