Electronic – Faster alternatives to BC847C / BC859C


I wonder, are there faster jelly-bean alternatives to BC847/859 (i.e. low-voltage, low-power, SOT23, high-speed transistors)?

BC847/859 are rated for 100Mhz, something at 250-500 (and even 1000) would be great 🙂

When I go to catalogues, they have RF section where everything is too fast(9Ghz+) & too expensive 😀

Best Answer

From Infineon:
SMBT2222A: \$f_T\$ > 300MHz, complementary: SMBT2907A
SMBT3904: \$f_T\$ > 300MHz, dual NPN, low power, complementary: SMBT3906

From NXP:
BF570: \$f_T\$ > 490MHz
BF840: \$f_T\$ typical 380 MHz
BFS20: \$f_T\$ > 275, typical 450 MHz