Electronic – Flush Mounted Threaded Through Hole on PCB


I am looking for the name of the component in this picture:enter image description here

Does anyone know off the top of their heads?

I'm working on designing a product that requires 2-56 threaded holes in a PCB, and I need it to be as flush to the surface of the board as possible due to physical size constraints. The component in the photo looks like it inserts into the through hole and solders in place–that's exactly what I need, I just can't figure out what it is called so I can order some.

Thank you in advance for the help!

A user on another forum pointed me to the original site for the image:

They say:
"The mounting holes in the PCB were sized to accept threads (0.067-inch hole for 2-56 screws). I’ve been threading holes in PCBs for many years. I assumed that the plating on the interior of the hole would be the material that would get threaded. However, now that I get a close look, I can see that the through-hole plating is lost in the process, and that the threads are made in the garolite substrate. I suspect that the threads in the substrate will have a much more limited life span of having the fastener installed and removed."

So it looks like this indeed just a hole with threads cut by the screw as it's installed. Thanks for all the help, everyone!

Best Answer

They are called PCB threaded inserts: http://www.mac8usa.com/threaded-insert-TH-lev2.php
They are pre tapped and can be surface mounted with other components. The PCB is rarely ever tapped since the board layers may separate and the threads are mechanically weak.
Earlier variants of threaded inserts had a longer rear tube which was spin or pressure pressed over so forming a complete enclosure for the PCB edge. Very small inserts can be pressed into plated through holes, though these seem to get little use these days.