Electronic – From what used/junk equipment can I salvage solenoids from


I have a few old 24V solenoids which I've used for years for random (often Halloween-related) projects. I can't recall where I got them. I'd like to get some more, but new ones can be rather high priced.

I sometimes buy junk printers to salvage stepper motors, or dismantle speaker cabinets to acquire a driver.

What old equipment commonly includes solenoids that I can salvage (push or pull type, 12-24 V)? Pinball machines seem to be the most-cited, but I never see those at the thrift store.

Best Answer

Cash Registers use solenoids to latch the drawer in place. Sprinklers use solenoids. As do cars for multiple parts, from door locks to fluid systems. You are most likely to find solenoids at a Junk yard than you are at a electronics recycling plant or a thrift store. Consumer electronics just don't need short range solenoids, at best they use motors.