Electronic – Full bridge driver capacitor ringing problem

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This is my first time designing a full bridge driver. I am experiencing problems with ringing on the output. I have made a pcb for it. This is a picture of the top side of the board.
PCB Front

PCB Back

Input to L6498 Drivers, 250ns dead time
enter image description here

Unloaded output voltage of the full bridge
enter image description here

Output with unloaded transformer attached
CH1: Transformer Voltage CH2: Transformer current
enter image description here

Full setup
enter image description here

The problem I have is with the oscillation at the top of the output waveform when a load is attached. Applying a load to the transformer only makes ringing worse. I have tested the gates of all the mosfets and the waveforms are very clean with no spikes even when the transformer is loaded. The only problem is with the bridge output waveform. The board has a 1uf film capacitor in the center of the board. I have tried adding a 2200uf capacitor right at the main voltage rail next to the mosfet as shown in the image below. I also have a current transformer to measure the capacitor current.

enter image description here
The output waveform improves with transformer still connected when electrolytic cap is added. CH1 : Full bridge output voltage CH2: Electrolytic capacitor current.
enter image description here
The problem with this is: the electrolytic cap gets warm under very light loading of the full bridge. At high loads the current through the capacitor was about 30 amps at the peak. The capacitor was very hot. If adding more capacitance to the supply rail would improve the ringing, what kind of capacitor should I use? Would a larger film capacitor help the ringing? Is the ringing a layout problem? If so, should the pcb power traces be shorter?

Best Answer

You must use, Fast turn-on / Slow turn-off to drive the gates... And reduce your loop of driving gates..