PCB – Can a 125V/4A Fuse Be Replaced with 250V/4A?


I want to replace a blowed fuse 125V/4A but it is rare to find them. Can I use instead a 250V/4A ?

I read at https://www.mojotone.com/support/Knowledge-Base/Is-it-ok-to-replace-125v-glass-fuses-with-250v-glass-fuses-of-the-same-rating

Fuses are designed to protect over-current, not over-voltage.
Therefore as long as the fuse amperage is sized appropriately and as
long as your fuse voltage meets or exceeds your application voltage
the fuse will safely protect.

So, its ok to replace with 250V/4A ?

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Best Answer

Fuses are used for over-current protection, first please diagnose the mistake what causing the fuse to blow (like any shortages, overloading or some faults) and solve that before you replace new fuse.

As long the voltage of fuse is more than the system voltage. you can use it.

Since, what you are saying is right.. fuses protects the system/equipment from over-current not over-voltage.

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