Electronic – Generation of a shorter pulse based on trigger (similar to 555 as monostable)


I need to create a shorter pulse based on a trigger signal. Trigger signal has a duration between 1 to 10 ms and the desired output should be 0.5 ms.

To do the opposite (longer output pulse than input trigger) one can use a 555 as monostable (shown on the left) but what I need is the situation shown on the right. Is it possible to this with a 555 or with other monolitic IC?

enter image description here

Many thanks in advance!

Best Answer

If I understand your application correctly you can use an edge-triggered monostable multivibrator, for example 74LVC1G123.

As shown in the TI datasheet, figure 2, it is possible to have an output pulse shorter than the input pulse:

enter image description here

If the timing jitter (delay from the input to output) isn't too critical, you could also consider using a tiny microcontroller.