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I need a really small 2-pin connector, a cable connector on one side, and a surface-mount jack on the other. These two items at AllElectronics are pretty close:

What is the general name for these two items, so I can search Digikey or Molex? And anyone know the exact part numbers of the above parts? (AllElectronics doesn't know)


As per jluciani's awesome answer, these are definitely JST parts. Mouser doesn't carry JST, but Digikey does as does AlliedElec. And it looks like JST makes SMT variants of the PCB mount header as well as small pitch connectors too.

Best Answer

Those are headers and receptacles.

The parts in the pictures look like the common 2mm battery connectors made by JST. If those connectors will work then I would search for JST and 2 pins and 2mm pitch. The exact pn's for the TH parts should be

  • B2B-PH-K-S for a top entry header
  • S2B-PH-K-S for a side entry header
  • PHR-2 for a cable mount recptacle (without contacts) The contacts are SPH-002T-P0.5L for the 24-28AWG crimp

You may want to double check those pn's at Digikey and Mouser.

Connectors are one place where all the search engines fall short. The printed catalog can sometimes be a lot quicker.

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