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Does anyone know some ref of high voltage high bandwidth analog multiplexer? I am looking for a mux that can tolerate input voltages up to 10V, but has also a high bandwidth of at least 1Ghz. I am not sure that such component actually exists…

I need a high bandwidth because I want to pass very short pulses, typically between 1 to 10 ns, in the multiplexer.

Follow-up: I just found parts from Analog that look promising: ADG1236 and ADG1213. Both have a 1 GHz bandwidth and can use a power supply of +/-15V. However the bandwidth is given for a load of 50 ohm. Will the bandwidth heavily depend on the load? In that case, what would be the bandwidth for, say, a load of 1 kohm?


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How about a relay? I guess it depends on how fast you want to switch and the impedance of what you're switching