Electronic – How to this FM transmitter modulate



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This is a minimalist FM transmitter I've found from http://www.talkingelectronics.com/projects/Spy%20Circuits/SpyCircuits-1.html

I'm a bit confuse about three things

1)How does this modulates the base input signal to frequency modulation ?
Because I don't see any change happening neither in Inductance nor in Capacitance of that LC tank oscillator. Is that because of C1 somehow ?

2) For what purpose capacitor C5 is used ?

Best Answer

The frequency of this generator is determined by \$C_2||C_{bc}\$ of the transistor. \$C_5\$ connects the \$C_{bc}\$ in parallel with L and C2.

As long as the junction capacitance is voltage dependent, changing the base voltage changes \$C_{bc}\$ and thus the resonance frequency of the oscillator.

Of course, the quality of this modulation is not very high, but for such simple device it is acceptable.