Electronic – How do you simulate voltage noise with LTSpice


Is there a way to setup a voltage supply with voltage jitter/noise? I want to experiment with filtering out noise on various voltages etc. but not sure how to configure LTSpice to create a noisy voltage supply.

Best Answer

Yes, you can inject noise using the arbitrary voltage (or current) source, then use things like the random or white function to create some noise.

Here is an example circuit (I separated the noise from the signal just to make things clearer - obviously you can combine them together in one function if you wish):

Noise Circuit


Noise Circuit Simulation

All the functions are detailed in the help under circuit elements -> arbitrary behavioral voltage or current sources.

Noise simulation mode

Also, just in case you were not aware, SPICE has a noise simulation mode, to quote from the help files:

.NOISE -- Perform a Noise Analysis
This is a frequency domain analysis that computes the noise due to
Johnson, shot and flicker noise. The output data is noise spectral 
density per unit square root bandwidth.

Syntax: .noise V(<out>[,<ref>]) <src> <oct, dec, lin> <Nsteps> <StartFreq> <EndFreq>

Basic example:

Noise mode


Noise mode sim

The above is rather boring as it only models the resistor noise (I stepped the resistor through various values to show how the Johnson noise increases with resistance). But it can be very useful with more complex circuits containing diodes/transistors/opamps/etc.