Electronic – How much humidity can a microcontroller/embedded device withstand


I'm working on a project that employs a microcontroller in an 80-85°F environment with quite a bit of humidity. It's going to be placed directly next to an array of fish tanks. Obviously, the water can damage the device if water is spilled on it but this shouldn't happen.

Would the device be ok if operating in those conditions for days at a time? I've been considering designing an enclosure with a fan(the microcontroller already has a heatsink on the CPU) but are there any other considerations such as rust that I should keep in mind? Thanks for your answers!

Best Answer

Conformally coat your PCB. Conformal coating, which you can for instance buy as a spray-on substance (Plastik 70 is a popular choice that is stocked with most electronics distributors), creates a moisture, dust and grime-resistant coating over your entire PCB. The 'conformal' in the name means that it is especially engineered to form a continuous coat without holes or voids.