Electronic – How much nickel is in a NiMh battery


How much nickel is in a NiMh battery?

For example, how much nickel is needed for a 100Wh NiMh battery?
How much nickel is in a common AAA NiMh battery?

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How much lithium in lithium polymer batteries.
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A cell of 1Ah releases a charge of 3600 Coulombs, or 0.0373 mol. Since one nickel atom is required to produce 1 electron in Ni-MH chemistry, a cell of 1Ah needs a least 0.0373 mol of Ni, which is 2,19 grams of pure metal, assuming 100% of Ni(OH) participates in the reaction.

So, Ni-MH batteries contain at least 0,219 kg/100Ah of nickel.

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