Electronic – How to attach an electronic enclosure to glass


I'm developing a very small PCB that I'll put inside a small case that will be attached to glass, let's say for example in a car. Once you attach this to the glass, it should stay there for a long period, but should also have the ability to be detached and attached again without too much effort.

At first I considered using a sucker also known as a suction cup but this is maybe a too bulky solution, and I need something more discreet. Also the distance between the glass and the case should be minimal, and using the suction cup this distance is considerable. So do you know something that could do the job for this application?

Best Answer

In Italy we have a transponder-based payment system called Telepass, which sticks to the windshield using Velcro. One side attachs to the glass with tape, and the other is attached to the device.

enter image description here

It is pretty tough, and usually lasts for years.

It seems it uses Dual Lock by 3M.