Electronic – How to build a USB controller having knobs, sliders, and switches


How does one go about building an interface for a USB device that allows interfacing pots, linear/log tapers, and momentary/toggle switches to a computer?

If someone could give me a high-level description, I would appreciate it. I can read spec sheets, so understanding details is not a problem as long as I know where to find the sheets.

Best Answer

I'd use one of the Teensy boards. These are Arduino-like microcontroller boards which have USB support. Unlike the Arduino, they can appear to a PC as any sort of USB device. This means that you can create your own custom USB keyboard, joystick, MIDI device, etc and have the PC use standard drivers.

The Teensy supports the Arduino IDE, or you can program in C and use LUFA (for USB support) directly.

Here are some project links to help.