Electronic – How to calculte mosfet capacitors (Cgs Cds Cdg) knowing the charges Q


I need to use the best model for the MOSFET in my circuit I'm simulation on PSIM, the MOSFET is Si4108-TI-GE3.

But I am not given the parasitic capacitance values (Cgs Cds Cdg), I am only given this:

dynamic charge characteristics of the capacitor to be modeled

I think I should use Q=CU, but I don't see how to use Q=CU for Cds since I only have Total gate charge and I don't know if that is the drain-source charge. How do I calculate the necessary parasitic capacitance values?

Best Answer

Read the data sheet: -

enter image description here

Ciss is gate-source capacitance. You should be able to work out the other two.

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