Electronic – How to disable a single op-amp in dual packaging


I am using a dual op-amp package in a circuit, however I only need to use one. Is there anyway to disable the other op-amp so it doesn't inject electrical noise in my circuitboard? I think grounding the positive input and setting the op-amp into unity gain might be best, but I am not certain.

Best Answer

A unity gain buffer is what this article also suggests. Quote:

The best thing to do with a surplus op-amp it is to use it. There are lots of places in an analog circuit where a buffer amplifier may improve performance - and a unity gain buffer uses no extra components.

Grounding the non-inverting input is fine if you have a dual power supply. If you use a single supply you better set the input to Vcc/2 with a resistor divider:

enter image description here

(from the same article)