Electronic – How to display 2 digit number in binary adder circuit


I've made 4 bit adder circuit using 4008 IC. And the sum output of the two 4 bit numbers from that IC was feed to one BCD to 7 segment decoder (74LS47) so that I can get decimal output. But since I can't diplay numbers over 9, I need two 74LS47 ICs. But what additional circuitry shall be made so that it can stop that overflow over decimal no. 9? And suppose my two binary numbers to be added are 101(5) +101(5) I will get binary output of 1010(10). How can I display this using two BCD to 7 segment decoder ICs?

Best Answer

I think this might help. You need to make some changes in this and connect your IC but the use of two 7 seven segment displays can be seen here, get the idea. enter image description here