Electronic – How to do Jumperless Jumpers


Is there a way to do "jumpers" without actually using a jumper connector on a PCB? Ideally just using holes or pads.

For example, one idea for doing it is to use pads on the edge of a PCB then using crocodile clips to do the bridge. Should work ok, but requires the "jumper" at the edge of the board.

These jumpers aren't meant to be a permanent part of the final board, but just to use temporarily and easily for things like diagnostics and without adding cost to the final PCB.

Best Answer

I just saw this neat trick on a development board. You can design the PCB with pads close together, and connect your traces like so:

enter image description here

Then, melt a blob of solder onto the pads, creating a short where you want it. It can be easily changed, doesn't add to the board cost, and won't come loose :)