Electronic – How to generate different noise in LTspice from run to run


I'm trying to simulate noise in my circuit, and ideally want to get a histogram of a certain parameter affected by that noise over many runs. However, when I use the white() command in LTspice, or variations of rand(), I get the same result from run-to-run. Is there a way to randomize the seed so that I get different white noise every iteration?


Best Answer

What you want to do is called a monte carlo simulation, LT Spice is limited here compared to comercial products as, as far as I know, only 3 parameters can be varied at the same run, but to me it always was sufficient.

just googled a tutorial: http://electronicsbeliever.com/monte-carlo-simulation-using-ltspice-step-by-step-tutorials/

but you will find many more...