Electronic – How to identify a what kind of power connector for AC mains is on a product


I see an AC mains input but I have no idea what kind of cable it goes to, how do I find the cable type so I can design around that? (Or conversely I have a cable and I don't know what type it is)

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Look for IEC320 reference tables, the connector should match one of the international standards. Once you identify the connector you can search for it. If not, it is a custom cable and the manufacturer will need to be contacted.

The first edition of IEC 320 (later renumbered IEC 60320) was published in 1970. Source: Wikipedia

This is what a table looks like

enter image description here Source: https://www.stayonline.com/reference-iec320.aspx


Another good resource https://www.plugsocketmuseum.nl/ApplConn_overview.html