Electronic – How to identify this component? It just says 0 on it


Can anyone help me identify this component? It just says 0 or D on it (I think it's a zero). I tested it for conductivity with a multimeter – doesn't seem to have any (tried both polarities in case it's a diode). Tested for resistance: nothing (i.e. infinite resistance), although I'm not 100% sure I was touching the contact points correctly, so don't take this as an ultimate measurement. Thanks in advance!
enter image description here

Best Answer

This is a 0 Ohm resistor. Probably in 0805 package.

If the multimeter shows infinity (open circuit), or any significant resistance > 0, when measuring the element's resistance it means that it is damaged. The multimeter should show zero resistance when measuring such "resistor".

On the PCB you can replace it with a solder blob or a piece of wire.

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