Electronic – How to interface with ultra-low voltage microcontrollers


Cypress has PSoCs which can operate at 0.5V power supply. I was wondering how you interface these. 0.5V is too low for FETs and bipolar transistors, LEDs and even common diodes. So what ways are here to connect the PSoC to its peripherals? Low-power is also an issue here: it doesn't help that the PSoC is low-power at 0.5V if the interfacing needs 10 times more power.

Best Answer

The PSoC CPU does not actually run from 0.5v. Its minimum running voltage is 1.8v. However, the chip also contains a high efficiency boost regulator which works down to 0.5v and can boost that voltage up to the 1.8v that the PSoC requires. The boost converter can supply upto 50mA current, which can be used by the rest of the circuit.

PSoC boost converter