Electronic – How to measure the conductivity of a copper rod


I would like to perform an experiment to measure the conductivity of a copper rod. What device can I use to perform that experiment? Is there such a thing as a conductivity meter? All I found was an apparatus to measure the conductivity of solutions. Please note that I need to get results as accurate as possible.

Best Answer

Apart from the well known 4-wire measurement method there is another interesting method of measuring conductivity, especially useful for larger samples: you could call it a "0-wire" measurement beause it works without even touching the material:

Eddy current testing:
A coil is used to create an alternating magnetic field, that induces alternating eddy currents in the material (proportional to its conductivity). Those currents in turn create another alternating magnetic field that affects the impedance of the coil.

See e.g. this link or this pdf.